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Shakti Contemplations - 1


He was like the Moon - the Fresh Light

of a New Moon shining down on a Youthful Man - So Beautiful, like Diamonds shone underneath his skin & he was haloed by Love.


Like some sort of Drama He Encompasses Me as his Darkness - Becomes Lighter & I Weave My Fantasies around him -

I Fitted into the Picture of Him


By the side where you kissed me - I caught

your Shadow and turned it into Tears.

On the neck where you bit My passion - I caught your Shadow that needed to

Cry.....Just sitting here and Talking

to you, I plucked the Memory of

Your love and made Water.


in one Glance he Patterned the whole

of my soul and we began to Swim.

Then Everybody began to join in......

And like the Delicious slumber and the

Lyrical Waxing of a Honeycomb - We

were taken to the Land of Fairy Tale

& my soul swore to die for Love

as it jumped off a rock into a pool of

red blood.

White Feathers strangled ripped apart,

Fled - stepped onto the Wind and lay

down my Heart.

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