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Dancing - Ballet, Contemporary,Burlesque.

Choreography, Teaching, Modeling & Writing.                                                                                                                                      


Starsign – Pisces


Education and Qualifications

1980 -1986, The Royal Ballet Lower School. (White Lodge in Richmond Park.)

1986 -1988 The Royal Ballet Upper School.  (Talgarth Road.)

Graduatation perf as  – La Cappriciosa, ( The Lady and the Fool – John Cranko.)


Studies - Languages, Astrology, Alternative/natural medicine.


Work History

1988 -1997  Nine years with English National Ballet.

1988 – 1991 Director Peter Schaufuss,

1991 – 1993 Director Ivan Nagy

1993 - 1997  Director Derek Deane.

‘Tatyana’ in Schaufuss’ Nutcracker 1st lead role.

Juliet (Sir Frederick Ashtons)

Ben Stevensons’  ‘Cinderella’, and ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’ as well as many other Principle and Soloist.

1994 – Danced the lead in Derek Deanes Giselle

Highlights also included ‘Brigit’ in  Sir Kenneth Macmillans’ ‘My Brother My Sisters', Stevensons 'Four Last Songs' & 'Three Preludes'.

1996 choreographed ‘Alchemical Reaction’ for company choreographic evening.  

1996 Many Snow Queens (Nutcracker, one of which Lady Diana attended)

Photographic work and advertisement with ENB includes :-

E.N.B.- Cinderella, Giselle, and many more with Sir Anthony Crickmay, New designs for B.B.C. Clothes Show with Christian La Croix.


Many reputable teachers :- quite a few more recent include

Romayne Grigorova, Joan Hewson, Mark Silver, Laura Connor.  



Guesting and freelance dancing

1999 - English Youth Ballet with Richard Slaughter - ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’ Pas de deux and solo.

2001 + 2002  Guesting in Nottingham for Miss Nora Morrison.

2006 – Began working for a charity based company called ‘Balletomane’ performed Giselle from Act 2 Giselle and Swans.  ‘Snowflakes’ and ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’ for their new Nutcracker Ballet amongst the Books library series for children at Christmas time.

2007 Spring/Summer Season – ‘Songbird Fairy’ and ‘Princess Florine’ (Bluebird).

2007 & 2008 Ballet amongst the books series with Balletomane.

2008 - Gamzatti pas de deux and solos with Balletomane.

2007 – (May) Guested in Nottingham, Black and White Swan solos from ‘Swan Lake’ and  own choreography.

2007 – (October) Created D.V.D. ‘Woman Spirit Rising’ original music from Charles Darkbuskerproductions with collaborative improvisation.

 2008 (Dec) ‘The Oxfam Project’- Astoria (Tottenham court Road) by Michael Thomas Voss (Charity event with exhibition and catwalk.)

2008 - RedKen Hair show  - 'Why do you get all the love in the World' - Thomas Michael Voss.

2008 & 2009 (Dec) - Guested (Sugar Plum and Gamzatti) for Miss Angela Grant.

2008 - (Dec.) - Three perfs of Christopher Moores Gala - Newbury. 'Black Swan and Kitri' and short opening piece by Christopher himself.

2009 - (July) Guested in 'Balletomanes' first spring Gala at the R.A.D

2009 - (Oct/Nov) Created part of the Angel/Demon in 'God Cried Woof' Sebastian Rex dance Group at The Blue Elephant.

2009 - (Dec) Danced Sugar Plum for 'Follies - Northampton' end of year school performance.

2010 - (Feb) danced in 'Ballare' project for Leicester University & (Jun)The Big Dance Summer 2010 - Thomas Michael Voss.

2010 (Nov) - Created part of Pregnant Woman - Ave Maria solo for 'Cliched' (Sebastian Rex) Choreo - Lisette Foster. (but never danced)

2011 - Chapel Red shoes Dancer, in 'the Red Shoes' Secret Cinema.

2011 (Nov) Witch Dancer in Chislehurst caves for Aleister Crowley film by Dom Lenoir

2012 - Guest Artist 2 solos or Angela Grant School Show

2012 (Summer) Appeard in both the Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies as a Party dancer and one of the 200 Flame ballerinas that put out the flame.

2013 - Began Dancing with 'Glitterbox Burlesque' as their Guest and Burlesque Ballerina, dancing own choreography for 'Alice in Wonderland' 'Summer Revue 2013', 'A Very Vintage Christmas 2014' & 'A Very Vintage Summer 2014.'

Danced in Windsor at Hitchens Lab 2014 open house - 'From Clipped Wings comes Love' (Music - Bjork) - also guesting with this solo at Angela Grants School of Dance Summer Show & recently at Browns. (Party event.)

2015 - Glitterbox Closed & began Performing with Behind Burlesque in their Monthly Shows in Leytonstone (which closed down after Lockdown) whilst also taking part in a Monthly Burlesque Competition  2019-2020 with Wicked Wonderland at Cafe 1001. 

Has since also become one of the Judges for the Monthly Infinitease with Behind Burlesque. 


2000 - Advert for ‘Bullet’ (To prevent respiratory disease)

Modeling clothes and doing photographic work for students end of year Diploma shows which include...

2005 - Amy Lewis (Textiles) Kings College Holborn.

2007 -(June) - Hass Indris (White Ballerina on Podium) -B.A. Honours Degree show, St Martins College Leicester Square.


More info on Photographic projects include those on my Credits and links page and you can see all other work throughout this site from other years.





Has taught young children B.B.O. and R.A.D. syllabus’ free improvisation, coaching, and been involved in the choreography and organization of small shows based around Fairy and Folk stories for special occasions.

Taught, coached and a little choreography for ‘Balletomane’ for both Christmas and Summer seasons and performed regularly with them on Saturday afternoons - left Balletomane in 2008.


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