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A Memory.

There is no Love left in me.

I am just  the Cold wet Canvas of a 

Whore, Sailing on the Waves of the Wind.

My Heart got Sacrificed, Smashed

against the Cavity of my Chest the other


& I have Stared as Death would

ever since.

I feel Death in my Veins,

Making Stains -

Of A Lifes journey.

He did Call Me but I gazed

on a Gateway - Gaunt and Spent

as the Loneliness of yesterdays'


Set as clay into the Running Depths of

the Snaky River

My Blood made a Scab

of Land & Stopped Pressing for Life

& Forever.


Trod into the Pool of your Muck

Trenched and Frightened of the Weak

Ground that Creates its


Trapsed into the Hall of Abuse

in My Muddied Boots

& Yearning

Left my Footprints as a Trail,

When the Frozen Rain

of Thundering Hail

Rested its Sharpened Marks

Upon your skin

When your Leg Found Mine &

Let Me In -

& A Kiss Swallowed Me


Plucked from your Drunken Wonderlands

My Heart rose as a Feather.

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