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Arabian Swan

                               Arabian Swan.


                        Swan breast of Love

               Beating against the feathered

                           rose of a heart.

          With a winded sail passing beneath

           its soft n'white, curving of a pattern -

                  from the water to the sky.

                     Arched and spoken

                  the swurved neck risen,

          broken, into a cleaning of a wing.

         Wading the waters, where the soft

                          bodies cling -

          to a ripple & a smooth glisten

                          of a raindrop,

                            in a circle,

                             a swim -

  Toward a slanted mysterious kohl eyed veiling

          of a swans dewy morning tailing

               a floating & a fish scaling

                      of rocks and time,

        a watery mine, folded into the shape

                      of a swans neck,

           mirroring a kidney shaped pool.

Photos- Phl Conrad (

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