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Arts Depot 2008

Vanessa . K. Yussif of Vanik Photograpy

How to jiggle time, energy?

Not to worry too much, to trust oneself more  what does one need, how much?............

a different role, more nerves, does one ever need anything other than the soul? -

but what does the soul need initially?

It takes a lifetime to work out and understand all of this. One needs the basic substance to enable transformation into higher matter as one goes along but if it’s too dense and heavy one cannot even move in the first place!

So what are the correct substances that sustain you throughout the busy active day, throughout the intense & magical performance?

 I am different to you, food moves quicker or slower through different ‘Bodies’, you have to find your own way there in the end, well I did anyway!

– Especially when you have to dance a Sugar Plum fairy at 11.00 a.m. in the morning on a slippery wooden floor!

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