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Blind Walking

Blind-walking is where you have ten

thousand people following you

but you don't See Anyone because

you are in Love, or your Eyes are

Veiled by the Soft Clouded tears

of the Dove..........

He Smells like an Oasis

The Scent around the Neck of Him

The gentle Sweat upon the Skin of -

Drive me Wildly into a Frenzy of Kissing

as though His Neck has Water in it

& has blended into the Skin to make

Him Edible,

The Fresh Scented Air that Blows in

from the Wild - Outside,

My Soul has Stopped for Me -


- At Breaking Point

So there are no Tears

Just a Break Point and no Weeping  -

Just a Breaking Point pf the

No-where in Between.

Today from the Intense Weeping

of a Hole in the Planet

came The Freedom.

The Sweep clean of Residue

Left a Silent

Quiet Love, a Scream

and all that was

left now Outside and Inbetween -

A Prayer

An Oasis of a Dream.

Interwoven Letterbox.

I Received a Message from the

Interwoven Letterbox -

A Long way Late

Through Time,

A little sign to Say

It was Dangerous -

Heart slain,

Heart Rain,

Things are not the same after that

first Flurry of my Heart -


Another Part of me, alight in Love

thats Paid in Time

& Knows suddenly another Heart.

Now too, I Fled Big-foot to the

Letter Box

To Send one Back!

& Tripped into the Crossing I had

made for Myself.

He turned into a Traffic Warden

so We all Crossed Together -

what the Weather said to

Me, that Day -

Was........Be Careful My Friend

It may be quick to End

here for you -

but send that Letter

from your Broken Heart &

Someone will Listen

& the Salty Tear will

Glisten in an Eye

As the Frozen Bench

Like a Sheet of Glass with a White Snake.

(Discovered this is for Boleyn & Josh!)

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