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Bubble Bath.

I started making Coloured Bubbles

of Sights, of Smells, of Sound

Collecting all Around

Each one was

A Bubble of my Life -

So quick to be Broken

I had to Rush to the Next

& hang onto what was Left?

Something that My Heart had Found.

Then it was True

Every time I Formed a Bubble &

thought of You

Something Familiar would come

along & Burst it

before the Rainbow could be Formed?

& i started to Loose the Colours

Began to Speed after

the Images of them -

From the glazed Perspective of Matterful Time

In the Shades of the Cactus over me

by your Eyes

& the Bubble Bursters Scorn.........

But the more the Splashes ran through my


the Faster I learnt how to form

the Bubble again

- As I listened to those Deserted Lips

& Watched the patience of the Bigger

ones, before they reached the Ground.

I Loved those Bubbles Sooo much

That I saw the Space & the Air Inside

& began to see the World that

hid, hand cupped inside the Bubbles


& He never Says it -

and you are never Ready?

he just thinks its Cool to keep

Bursting the Bubble, a Thousand times over -

'He' just expects 'You' to always

Listen to his Silence, to Understand?

So you Walk away Broken to try with Someone Else

What would have happened if he had said those Words - What would have Happened?


When there are so many Soap Bubbles You're too clean to make a difference

& what Ascends from the Emergency of this?

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