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Chocolate - The Richness of it, the Dark

and Delicious Taste of it, the Feel of

Melted - Then mixed into a Cake.

How its there one minute, then gone the

next. What's the point if its gone so

quickly? - Sometimes you have to Eat so

much of it to remember what it

Tasted like!

Chocolate - Food of the Gods!

Cocoa a Dream beyond the Tasting,

into the Languous, Smooth, Rippling

Effect of it.

Chocolate the Designer Wicked Temptress

of Man, the Language of the Skin of

Deep thought and Tripping Bones.

Chocolate the Songs of Love trapsing across a Country and into

The Belly of a Goddess.

Chocolate - For the Fun of It,

Go to Bed on it,

Take a Dream as far as a

Weaved in Waistline and Excel on it!

Chocolate - The Divine Replacement of Man, become Sad on it.

Cocoa, Smell the Leaves of it Sleeping

in the Field where he waits for your

Amorous and Delicious Kisses -

Chocolate - Smell the Scent of it Locked

into the Secret of your Veins after

you've Drunk of it and let him Satisfy

himself for a bit!

For a Lover like no Other -

My Man of Cocoa - X

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