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Collection - Poem/Prose

Wheatfields -

Wonderful Fertile Lands, Warm Wheatfields of Delicious Rapture with no Shade, a Slight Breeze...& the Distance.....Only the Sun was melting my Heart!

Silk & Feathers.

Wafting in & out of Smokey Silk,

Feathers & Fur - relief from a Dark &

difficult Day. Smoking Silk - Dope.

Feathers & a Splash -

Ballet Boudoir - My Bath!


Lie with me My Lover & We Will Love

the Whole Night through until I

Wake up Softly in your Arms full of

the Glistening & the Morning Dew.

A Few Hours

Some Free Time to Frolic

Say No More

Garden Floor

Bath for Sure.

Daisy Field (Lockdown 2020)

Hot Day -

Daisies in the Fields

Away from the World, into the World of

Flowers of Summer just

after May.

On Windmill Steps

Underneath Windmill Wings in the Heat

In a Red Tutu of Blood & the Beating of the Wild Wind on the Grass.

Like a Wild Poppy of Remembrance in the Winds my Lass.

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