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Fishing Prayer Dance.

Over Christmas I was lucky enough to read the most gripping & exciting Novel called Kolymsky Heights by Lionel Davidson. From a Person who loves books but doesn't get much chance to read, this took me into the early hours of the morning to finish it, clutching onto the book for dear life until the very end. After this I tried to explore a little, The Inuit Peoples, their style of dancing, their movement & decided to try & get a piece together which was inspired both by these Humble Peoples & the great Book I'd just read, not long after beginning research a friend of mine called Angela (Grant) contacted me & asked if I'd like to Guest at her Ballet School Show  (the first one after the Lockdown) with all the Children & it was about the 'Islands of the World.' After long searching for some  music there were 2 pieces that seemed right to fit the movements & both Song Pieces were from the Siberian Peoples of the Taiga & the Tonga -

There is still a little more to add as after getting it all together Russia decided to Invade Ukraine & my piece was based on the People from the Siberian Island Fishing Villages  & of course being part of Russia it was debatable whether to continue, although on deeper thought, it appeared to me that these People of the poorest Coldest part of Russia are usually People who suffer the most anyway from War & so I continued with them in my thoughts & in the Dance. 

Angelas' Show did not go so smoothly at all, both the Lighting & Sound failed very badly -  but the Children loved & enjoyed their Dancing & being on a Stage again very much so it was Bravo to her for managing after a sparce & difficult 2yrs of Online Teaching & Coaching!

Please view beneath a couple of pictures of my Costume + hopefully some Footage to come soon - Thank you.

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