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Patricia came through the Post -

She didn't moan.

She didn't Groan

but she was not fussed about all the

Polystyrene Snails & the Paper Trails.

At least the Cardboard Box was


Gagging for Water & the Air in her Leaves

she pulled up her Sleeves

& Drank - She drank alot,

Then it was time to Breath again &

She Stretched out to the Silent Chatter

on the Window Ledge

& took a Leap.

It was decided it was time for a Nap - so She went to Sleep.

In her sleep her Leaves once

Mottled & Unseemly

Grew Green.

New Shoots Spurted & Wavered

Two days enough in a slight Draft

& down to the Garden she Grew,

In Filtered rays of Laughter

that Tinged her Slim Stems

as the Sun found the Shade that she was in.

Those Strangled Leaves that had

laid down in the Post

Began to Straighten & Ironise to

a Happy Green

& that's how Patricia wanted to be Seen.

Inspired by the Mr Men Books

of Roger Hargreaves.

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