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House of Nails.

Walked past The House of Nails

& the Green Rubber Plant in the Window, then watched a Man in a Restaurant

Sit down, slowly - pale.

As if condemning Himself to an

Entrapment via his first Glass of Red

Wine of the Evening.

A Brisk, Silent, Wet-Whip through the

Blackest of night Air -

The Soles of my Feet on the Pavement lair

& Several near runs into Cars.

On my Back, the Invisible Cloak - with

its Scars.

Abandoning a proposed Appearance

a Gasp of Breath & flew like the Breeze

over Ground, as if no-one had Seen,

then learnt in my abandonment

of a Thought, a Process, a Course

I had met another Life, where I

did not Exist?

Life that was yet in Embryonic Form

via the Mind -

Desperate to avoid the cursing of She who had Seen

Me last time - who did not want to Curse but was Uncontrolled.

I discovered an undiscovered Country

Dangerous & Hated, a Silver Screen

to Unfold.

I became in these Moments

The Traitor of the Wish that was before

became the Ghost of an actual Core

of Me,

Running, Twisting - Strangled

Inside, I tried further to Hide -

An Estrangement again of the

Pavement, which should have been a

Plastic Lino Floor

So Beautiful I had been before

Stunned all who Saw &

Now, like a Beast, an Animal - I

raced home to open my Front door

& Slid into the Darkness

of a Private Room.

Silence of an Orange Light,

from a Quiet Man Somewhere who had

the Rightful Prayer of Me & had sent

it on ahead -

To leave Me Encapsulated &

Surrounded, in a sense of Space

where I Existed for the Animals

& not for the Human Race!

Who Am I? If this Culture does

not deserve me Today?............

'Someone who Lives Far, Far away

Who is beyond a Hundred years

- Who does not wish for the Tears

of Man

that Sign-off his Life-Span'?


So I took more Care of what was

in front of me,

The only Life that there will ever Be!

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