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Just a small Selection of Images from Judging at Behind Burlesques' Infinitease -

Dancers credited beneath pictures below.

Its Big Thanks to Neil Lewis for these images and all the Organisation that goes into making this possible for these Super Performers


Judging infinitease is both a Honour and a Pleasure as there is often real Talent & of course difficult choices to make, especially depending on the Strength of the Heat.

It is worth it to drag yourself out even on a cold night to go and watch something Live, where real People/Dancers are churning out their Own Incredible Work.

We have some Highly Entertaining, Very Lovely & Hard-working Comperes -

Victoria Kember, Chloe Driver, Phoxy Curvy and more recently Foxi Blue so you will never be bored.

For more information on how to Enter - Please press Button to take you to the Behind Burlesque Site.

Thank you,

Moonstone Rocket X

First Row Left to Right.

1) First ever Final I danced in against

Syd La Rose, Winner - Duchess Debauchery, Smashlyn Monroe, Vereka Rox, Judge - Jeanie Wishes, CC.Cougar & La Vixen.

2) My First Judging Session at the East of England Burlesque Festival with Dolly Blow-Up & Compere Rushin Blue.

3) With our Wiiner of the EEBF Valentino De Labaise & Dolly Blow-Up .

4) Judging a Final with Verity Lewis, Felina Onyx, Clair De Lunacy & Insatiable Rose.

Third Row left ro Right.

1) Handing out an Award to Miss Suzy Saucepot with Miss Twisted Cherry, Phoxy Curvy, Miss Kitty Kat & our Compere Chloe Driver.

2) A Semi Final with Lizzie La Belle, Miss Twisted Cherry, Miss Sugar Rush, Suzy Saucepot & Fi Fi Von Sparkle.  

3) With judge miss Sugar Rush & Winner Le Vixen Bonbon.

4) At a Semi-Final (Mar 19) With Juddge Marquissa Darq & Runner-Up Lunatrix Rose.  

Second Row Left to Right.

1) Juding with Verity Lewis.

2) Judging with Viscious Von Vixen.

3) Giving an Award to Gigi Martini with Miss Suzy Saucepot, Ruby Cave, Felina Onyx, Insatiable Rose, Venus Gallactica, Clair De Lunacy, Phoxy Curvy and our Lovely Compere Chloe Driver.

4) With Fey Au Lait & Clair de Lunacy

Fourth Row Left to Right

1) Handing out an Award to Miss Suki Surrender

2) With Winner of Semi-final Cerise Rei & Judge Dolly-Blow-Up

3)With Albee Damned &

Miss Suzy Sauepot.

4)with Arissa Mae Steele, miss Boom Deay, Cerise Rei & Violet Delights.


Two Images beneath from 'Judges Showcase' -

Black Swan & Spectre by Neil Lewis.

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