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My Bubble Man

He Drifts around Floating

& I Watch Sometimes...

I Want to Pop Him

But that would Cause Lots of Disasters,

so I

Leave him in the Space -

To Wonder.

My Bubble Man of Thunder, Rain &

Sun, he has already Won the

minute that I see his Face Again,

I am Woman & not

the Same,

as The Lady that Moans herself into Silence.

I am The Lady who Reaches for the Thrill

of the Bubble Man because there is a Poison of too much Bubble &

Her Looking Glass to the World has gone Black.

She can't See the Bubble man Anymore

& there is Nobody else to pour her Love into

Except - Cat!


My Sweet-Natured bit of Soul.

Left in the Room,

In his Own Bubble of Moon.

(2020 During Lockdown)

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