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My Idaho Road.

This Evening My Heart felt Broken.

So Three times it was then,

After the Big Bang Outside

in the Road Below -

It must've been at least seven times

this year?

& then the one where the Car

Drove Straight into the Window

& you Stepped Outside

to Find -

the whole Area Taped up

& People were just Standing there

In Awe

Wide Open Jaw.

My Neighbour in her Winter Coat (it was July)

no Tights &  Dishevelled hair,

Stepped into the Taped Area & just stayed there

She seemed to want to Be in it All.

I kept my Distance at least 10 metres away

But couldn't Believe they had Actually Done That?


& The Whole Window was Smashed!

It was a Phenomenon.

It was a 'Carry On'

Then they decided to do Roadworks

& Dug up the Road next to the

Three Way Traffic Lights

where Everybody had Crashed, Bumped,

Grinded & Smashed themselves Before

& we were Late for Work.

After all the Strikes & the 2yr Gap,

A Holy Funeral & Energy Cap.

It was decided to dig up the Highway

no Wonder it Hurt

That Beat of the World inside of Me

It was being ripped Apart - Outside on the Tarmac,

The Idaho Route -

Drilled open in Cracks

Like the Shapes made

by the Underground Roots of

the Trees

Shaking with the Wheels of the Machines.

The Avenues of Leaning Trees -

The Winding Snake of Falling Leaves.

(Ref - 'Carry On' like The 'Carry on' Films)

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