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Red Ribbon Girl.
The red ribbon drifted down her back
like blood
& she trod on black upon black,
in a corset of fine trimming and delicate spinning - white as snow
purest glow,
white upon white
and not to know
what bled underneath her was
tied up at the back -
Red ribbon girl
of patterned blood & delicate trimming
trod upon the slaves of a second beginning
stood over the corpses of rapes and living
then looked upon a country
of education & high breeding,
in innocence ran away from the black upon bleeding
protected a child & died away
then later when culture forgot her
it tossed her a coat
to cover, to wear -
Red ribbon girl
with red river long hair,
undid the deep & tied up bow of blood
future of a ripped away race
that was trodden under - disgraced,
left her reading - a story
with her own white race
now to suffer & stare -
in horror,
at the red ribbon of blood stained down her own back,
from the murderous living of white upon black.
From 'Project Ballare' See Yearly Projects Feb 2010. for Leicester Univercity with Thomas Michael Voss

Red ribbon girl

Red Ribbon Girl

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