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This was my very first attempt at a Show after 2 yrs of a Lockdown &  was so exciting it was difficult to find any Calm in Myself at all.

On arriving I had to show an updated Covid Test Result, Passport & was Marked with a Stamp on the wrist (to show you were allowed in) which was all pretty Weird! - Everywhere inside was Pitch Black, with Flashing lights & Goth Music, there were many rooms on many levels & in each one was at least one studded Man & mostly everyone dressed in Punk/Goth Gear, like some kind of Psychotic dream I felt Strangely out my Depth but also quite Strangely 'In it' too!

After finding something that resembled a Dressing Room through a tiny side door, with no run-through  rehearsal & much later than expected it was suddenly time to be on that Tiny Stage alongside the DJ, the Main Rocker & the Music. Thank god I'd chosen something Secure (in my own Rep) to Dance because as soon as the music started those Lazor lights were 'ON' - I've never ever ? -(perhaps once at a hair show) danced with such Immediate Lazor lights - In your Face, your Eyes, perhaps even the whole body & I can honestly say it was impossible to See, Hear or Feel anything, the Ceiling became the Floor & the whole Concept of 'Stage' became reversed as though I was Dancing Upside Down & gripped onto anything & everything that was there & could touch to stay upright...The DJ Stand, the Floor, the side of the Stage & most of all Myself became Props - There was alot I did Wrong for sure, I don't know how I got through it but just remember being able to stare out into the Audience at one point & sense a good Response & afterwards a great Warmth in what had been (when I arrived) an extremely Cold Room, the Audience were Warm & Happy to be there & I was just glad I made it too! - Thanks to Vade Retro & Katia for their Kindness. (Pictures Courtesy of Reptile)

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