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Sea of Poppies.

From Somebody Elses Book - - -

              Sea of Poppies

                  Pocelain Ducks

       Sea of Poppies - Look in Eyes

                     Red - Wind

           Brave White Horses


       Sea of Poppies - Look in Eyes


               Blowing in the Wind

Rain -

Pouring down -

            Blue Sea of Poppies - Look in Eyes

                                  turn to Sea-green

                     A Look of Love

                       A New Scene

                     Sea of Poppies

                     Porcelain Ducks

                 Go back - Look in Eyes


Shaken sleeves to a White-winged...


Sea-green Poppies and Rainy Fields

                      Porcelain Ducks -

A Lovers Look   Glancing in your Eyes.


Leave Carriage to Follow Lover..................

       Young, Ready and Wide Awake

                     Sea of Poppies

                      A Book Cover.

One Night whilst Traveling home late on the Tube, after a Dance Class, I sat Opposite quite a Handsome dark-haired Man who was Reading 'Sea of Poppies' by Amitav Ghosh. there was a strange type of Romantic Element in the Carriage and a very delicate Sensuality about the Journey. this Poem inspired by the Journey, from the dreamy like quality experienced as the Stations went by, perhaps instigated by the Mans unconscious suppression of pictures he sent out whilst reading the story, which is itself essentially a Story based around the Opium Trade - I was fascinated by the lovely Cover Picture of Poppies Blowing in the Wind & the Connecting Imagery of the energy sensed like the story Hiyaka the Ghost where she transforms very difficult energies into a delicate, almost breakable but valuable energy (Porcelain Ducks) with hard work & flicks her skirt to rid herself of the debris from excess negative energies.

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