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Snow Maiden

The flower of the night is



& it is more so when

the moon is in the sky,

full &

shining high


 - so it splits the light in two

& gives water through

its single tear.


For a lover it would appear

the blizzard that follows

is as a frozen over  lake,


for a brave pair of lips from a life

that had dared to try and fit a

melting of fluid cracks together.


Painstakingly long the task

as each merged into the


& strode onto the back of another.


Drifting over the waterway

systems of my own


there is no existance or escape

the mind wonders


far beyond a frozen lake..........


a springtime crocus with velvet folded arms

and a silvered heart

a coloured night

of frozen coloured tears

and painted winter art


bedded gently in my chart

sleeping ground

of snowy footprints and hardened grass

wet bark against my skin

and a rememberance of him.


Photo - Phil Conrad (

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