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The Goodnight Man.

Man of the night - I love

the soft sweet parting

of your lips that signify

the passion of the

kiss you left behind -

the one you hide -

Man of the night, I

love the register of

the glance & the eyes

held captive for great

lengths as you stare

at me from behind

your dark rimmed


I wonder at the time

the space between us

& our thoughts as

we sit there locked

together on this suddenly moon-scaped planet,

that rocking sensation of my senses -

pouting, breathing

wavering in your

ozone layer the

breeze becomes full

& I the wind, falter

wave along like a ghost

in the glance that

has lingered - so strongly in your

enduring desire.

What am I now?

A Star in the Universe

so ungrounded & held in a delicious light -

daylight in night as the                                                                                                                                  

moonstruck with the fire                                                                                                          

of your gentle moment                                                                                                                              

with me -                                                                                                                        

all that i have in a                                                                                                                                  

day & then gone like a flame -                                                                                                                        

a sort of liberty to

decide how to


so that you might stay

a little while longer &

rest in my arms to

rock & become


Man of hungerful sight that misses every single night with me,

yet has every one in every day.













Photo - Terry J.Johnson

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