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The Cutting Out, of Me

So I Stared into her Eyes this Morning

Face so White and Anaemic, after Bloodloss

and Stale Air,

There was her Stare.

Like a Lonely Animal wondering back after

a Stillbirth of Solitude and

times - when her Tail was long enough to

Replace a Scream

and as a Dream

I Remembered The cutting out of Me?

How the Waters Broke as My Heart got

Handed back to Me like a house and

My Layers Began to Swim.

It had Existed Before but not like this,

not as the House which

I Lived in!

Not as a Place where every Shelf sat Swimming

on a Rib

or a Stomach, or any Place that Hid,

before I Found it Today and it led Me

to Another way

Where He Never Saw My Pain of the Hurt but

Handed it over

Like a Letter to Read back to Myself.

Just the Cutting out of Me

With Every Floor & Corridor

Streaming with Water.

An Empty House with Every colour in

Black and the Darkest Blue of the

Lonely Traveller.

The Weeping of Cosmic Blood

in the Arms of a Man.

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