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The Sultan must Die!

I'm just Writing because I know I do not want to Sleep -

Again, watching a Late Night Documentary of a 1972 Crash in

the Andes, I Slumbered

& now wide Awake!

I know if there was Someone next to

Me, I might go to Sleep...more Easily?

but for Yrs & Yrs & Yrs...................

I Wonder what I did in Another Life, or what I have just Done

or What I am Doing?

Somehow I am not Spared One Night in a Thousand.

I have Read on the Palace of Tears,

where Women of the Harem, were sent

or Banished to when the Sultan abandoned them or dumped them in a bag in the Sea &

it must've been very Full from Betrayals & Love Interests

that weren't 'Him'!!!

But Honestly...

The Sultan should just go now -

Its time to turn Tears into Crystals & Diamonds

they have existed so long - Longer than any of his own Affairs or Marriages, they are the Rocks & Jewels of Erotic Dancers

Not unlike Myself where there is

A Reason to Dance.

& now there is a Reason -  Right Now,

Why should I Sleep amongst Salt

when I can Dance?

I'm not a Piece of Meat to be preserved

unable to eat by now anyway,

Even with Salt!

It is the Sultan who should Die!

& not the Woman.

Never the Woman who Loves - Anyway.

We still Suffer & are Muffled by

Materials when we want to Live, this obvious

with how Life appears to us often, when we are Alive

As a Woman.

It is worth asking where you may be, even when you know

because its Scary!

& Fear becomes your Weapon in a Dead World!

The Sultan must Die...

His Women are too Fat from lack of Sexercise,

or too Skinny from trying to stay Alive!

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