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'The Red Shoes'

In the Chapel there was a warning for the girl with the red shoes and that was me - with blood stained feet two sides to my face and a whole room to myself there was enough freedom for me to go mad - which i did!


Chapel room designer artist - Victoria Owen

Tobacco Dock - Secret Cinema.

Hair and Make-up -

Farida Ghwedar and Jessie Deol

The Shoemaker -

he gallantly swept me into his arms with my blood-stained feet & his passionate heat,

She came close & i swooped towards her again with a Powerful warning

a free & improvised moment that told a story

he put me down!

& we stared at each other,

I - with a sinister gaze -

'It is your fault my feet are of blood'

& turned my back in a huff & abandoned glory................


& then i knew!

he had seen my secret -

my silent dancing prayer

he saw all in the eyes of my bloody nightmare.......................

my body a swurling smoked Oyster

then silently & soft to rest

in the moonclouds of the Cloister.

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