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Wondering Waves.

And the Words became Whispers -

Then the Silence became the Nothing of what

was before,

Depression like Water,

Water the flowers,

Drench them,

Drown them,

Float them to rush a river that Runs over

your Heart.

Returns to a Sea,

Where He Stands.

There where the Waves Play and there where 

He Plays,

A Song with the Waters,

There where I Lay -

Screaming - Splashing

& He Pours,

& I Desire,

& He Opens Me -

Air as Grace,

That Sees no Face - Yet I see Him,

Blue amongst the Waters,

Playing with my Daughters

and I get Everywhere?!

From here to There,


No Drop to Spare.



Glistened - in a Sound of Nothing that was


In a Glance that Rains a River on the Floor -

In a Trance chased a River that ran over Me

and out the Door - Towards Infinity,

There and Hither,

Racing the Story becomes a River,

The River a Torrent

Of Rhythm and Power - the Surging,


Purging Hour,

Until its Mouth and White Foamed

Feathers reach the Ocean,

The 'Drop of My Ocean' a Necklace of 

Tears -

as Deep as My Sea,

As Far as the spheres.


All that Swims and Floats around - That

Beats a Sound,

Fathomless inside a round

Of Waves and Water

That Births a Daughter

Aphrodite my Love

Found a Sea of Sounds

An Energy that Bounds -

Right into your Huge and Lovely Arms

Oceanus Azure, Eyes Blue as the Lure

Of the Sea -

Far Stretched and Fathomless Lover of 'Me'

Runs over his


I can See no More...

Streams Softly to the shore

Salted and Brushed, Tasted and Rushed

A River 'Runs' through Me

And onto the Floor!

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