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Two Poems written at different times about a Dress.

Wedding Dress

God I am that Little Girl,

Who would be first into that Pretty, White

Wedding Dress

and who wore Grandmas Pink Petticoat

Crinoline - at the age of five or less?

Approaching another Era now - I wear that

dress as the White of my Skin,

still a Virgin,

What a Strange & Crazy World we Live in!

When I first Met you & our eyes Locked

into a Trancelike State

A Thousand Years of Waiting disappeared

down my Throat.

A Voice of Colour, hidden Immediately by 

a Secret and a Song,

Feel you now only Simply - with a

thought, or a-something, from the City

called 'Belong'

- that carries a Story and that Song

as yet Unlived like a Hope and a


with a Bell tied to its Waist -

'Family' their tricks & works of

Preservation carried down the Lines into

the History of Today

'I don't know anymore' &

'there is never enough to say'

Yet when I glance at my hands - White

-washed in the Mirror

and Recollect the Rhythms

made with my Cleaning there &


there is something deeper that

leaves a Sound and I become

that little Girl again - & Found

In a Pink Crinoline, White-washed, Bled and Lived in

like a dress that my Mother's made,

to turn Black and Sin in!


Hanging from the Ceiling, in my best Dress -

My Head drooping, clicked another time

before I fell to the Floor.

skirts around me - I bleeding at his feet,

He held out his hands and dragged me

up to a Hearts Beat -

And I lost Myself in his Kiss

And my Vision lept to an Abyss.....

Of Space and Time and Stars and Colour

and more

tomorrows than there have ever been in the

World before.

Then I stopped pensive, attentive and

saw -

The whole of Myself as I've never Seen Before

Like a Painting stuck, now in time, like

something that you'd never think

yourself to Draw.

Silent and Strangely wanting so much More -

Blue Running Rivers - Blood turned Raw...

I Slid back down to the Floor.

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