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What you see on Here.

I don't have many, sometimes even any

Pictures from some of my Strongest Relationships

with the Opposite Sex -

So, much of what you see on here is often how I

may have felt when I was with them, could be with

them, I can see that now.


What often creates beauty for Me is what I cannot See, yet if I touch on it, by a Scent, a memory

of laughter & true companionship

the waftier the heights of much, much more Love -

so much that the World cannot bare & that's why we

are not standing there Anymore &

why in the Picture I am often beyond & somewhere

else, that is trying to bring me back to who I Am? -

Because what is Lost is a Picture in Space,

Stronger pictures I'll never know about because

that's what the world does in the end,

When it has left you in Rags instead of a Wedding

dress for the Umteenth time at least it manages

to Apologise in some way & send.......................

Thankfully, here are my Pictures even Sometimes in Wedding Dresses of the Relationships

left behind - My Dreams, without ever being Worn or Seen.

Look after Unicorns, they don't Always have the need to be Married but they Still need their Horns!

If you can't offer any Diamonds, at least let them keep what they were Born with -

& where they have Been..................

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