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I began to taking part in Perfromances at Beatrix Valhallas Wicked Wonderland in 2019, taking a few Bigger and more Complex Pieces towards a Wider Audience and a Larger Space to Dance/Perform in too. Although it is a 'Competition', it is also a Platform for Artists to be Seen & able so as to Perform & Experiment with new Pieces -

Having taken part in several Wicked Wonderland Nights,

Performed pieces :-

Eskimo Dances, Winter Fairy, Tango de Roxanne, Golden Moon, The Snowflake plus a Piece especially created for one of the Themes - In Support of Gay Pride 'Flower Power' because I have many gay Friends & they deserved some of my Attention.


The Audience is generally very warm & of course so are the People.


Especial Thanks to Beatrix for all her hard work getting things like this together


Images beneath are from many different Photograhers -

1&2 Betty Blue by Andrew Raush

3&4 by @Photo.Glamour  Instagram (Nuno Costa Photography)

Golden Moon by @Photo.Glamour.

Betty Blue by Andrew Raush.


Flower Power by @Photo.Glamour

Winter Fairy by Alexander Yip Photography.


Golden Moon by 

@Photo Glamour

Wicked Wonderland

1.Eskimo Dances by Simone_Scott_Photography

2.Winter Fairy (Rehearsal)  by @wxtchpxs - Instagram.

(Emmie Cosgrove)

3.Winter Fairy by Alexander Yip photography.


1.&2. El Tango de Roxanne by Alexander Yip Photography.

3.El Tango de Roxanne by @wxtch.pxs Instagram (Emmie Cosgrove)

4. Golden Moon - as above.

1&2 Golden Moon + 3&4   Flower Power by @Photo.Glamour Instagram (Nuno Costa Photography)

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