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Disentangled I Lay there half

Strangled by the Lust he

Left behind on a Hot & Steamy Afternoon.

Traces of Imagination lay Hidden in my Purple

Veins -

Naked and Wet, Pouring over and Streaming

the Sweat,

Of Riding him and Falling over Him

with Kisses and Showers - Lies &

Colours of Flowers,

Smelling and Ripening as I took him

when he lost the Reigns.

Grey - I lay, my Tail left Abandoned

Like the Whispered Memories of a Holocaust

The only Survivor after a Frenzy


& Ripened by a Cocktail too Colourful

to Drink.

The Colours of Poison, Deep and Memorable

to think -

On and On left Dreaming

A Trickle over my Breast - I lay Waiting for the Protest

- Of a Faraway Lover, Sensitive

enough - to Hear a Moaning,

Yearning, inner voice that wished him

Closer now than the Other?

Smothered and Killed by an

Orgasm - Chilled White by a Whore

who Saw him no More -

But as a disturbed Vision of Love needing

To Fuck & See & Open a door into the

Reality -

But now tossed into Caos by an Avalanche

of Love,

Climaxed and Hammered by the wondering


Of the Other, who also was my Lover -

Thrust into two & staring at My brother.

the new Face of an Aquarian covered World

that wished to Discover

the Deeper Waters of a Tidal Wave - Hurled

across the Stratosphere of Thundering Skies

by Cedar Burnt and Active Thighs

of a Cold and Desirous Womb -

that Hungered Insatiably

For his Sighs -

In her Soul and Country

In the Town and in the Hunting,

Of a Naked Hip-bone tied to a Galaxy

of Stars.

Clinging to a Liberation of Something - Beyond the Imagination

of before,

Where She was. Belonging to the Whore

Who passed the point of Longing

And Decided She was not worth it Anymore

Than that,

Wishing her Jewel on a Precipice

Be Released & Reborn.

her Soul - a Space Storm,

Grow Tear-blossomed & Warm.

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