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From the yrs of 2006-2008 I joined the Charity Ballet Company headed by Natalie Krapt Balletomane.

We worked hard together on a Sunday all the way out at a Ballet School nr Uxbridge until the Company moved to Marylebone in London. It was very Humbling & Valuable Work- Helping, Coaching and joining in with the other Dancers (mostly Amateur Ballet Lovers or trained when they were younger) & we'd go into Libraries in and around London at Christmas & put on the Nutcracker for the Children, or travel to Care Homes and Perform for all the Generation who couldn't get to a Theatre & their faces would light up - Afterwards we might stay for a Chat & then off we'd trundle off again.

Whilst there I performed many Sugar Plum Fairies, Giselle, Gamzatti, Songbird Fairy & Danced in the small Production of Swan Lake as a Swan, a Cygnet & The Black Swan Solo.  

We also went on a 10 mile walk to raise money for the Company & Charity but some of us dropped off & the rest couldn't dance for a week!!! (Dancers - not Walkers!)

I left Balletomane in 2008 when the company moved to Marylebone & I began to get severe Migraines from working in quite a small & sweaty Studio with a very low Ceiling.

Please see beneath a few Images -


First 2 above as the Sugar Plum Fairy then Cygnets & Giselle.

Second - In rehearsal with May Kwok & Naomi Harris, Snowflakes, Songbird Fairy & Gamzatti with Indran Sivirajah.

Top right rehearsal Images & Gmazatti with Indran & last - Company Picture with Natalie in the middle after Uxbridge Library.

Underneath - The Company at one of the Care Homes after a Performance of Sleeping Beauty & Sylphides

On our Walk we got a bit lost, then later found a sign Post but then we had a few drop-outs!

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