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Big Dance 2010

Choreography by Thomas Michael Voss our 'Melting Pot' piece accompanied the

T-mobile bus in a couple of places on route.

Probably the most exciting for us all, was Dancing on Parliament as the stage was a good size and well sprung, which was the most amazing thing because when you jumped you suddenly found yourself bounding into the air like a deer, and the time before we were caged in like animals!

Michael wanted us to wear colour - so we went full out with the fluorescents!!!


Our dancers were from varied backgrounds which included breakdance, ballroom, jazz and classical dance and all of us had to be catered for!

Dancers - Owain Ryes Davies, James Jenkins, Marat Khairoulin, Steph Elstob, Feyi Babalola, Kristal Snow, Tsunami, Joy Constantinides & Rebecca Sewell!

Dance on Par

Photo from dancing on Parliamant via Dance UK

by Rick Senley

Video :-

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