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Black Friday

& Thanks to Rumis 'Delicious Laughter' We managed to Sqeeeeze in a Necessary Celebration just before absolutely 'Everything' shut down for 2 yrs!

The Builders Bum.

That Man he had a Builders Bum

& it was My Birthday...

This was...' Specially' Done -

In our Cocktail Suits & most Terrifying Glamour

We ordered what was

Best & got Hammered! -

Only on Special Occasions

but believe me this

was One Special One -

I looked at My Gorgeous

Man & Lowered my Chest

in my Dress -

Revealed my Cleavage

but he had Won!

I looked again & it was

the Builders Bum!

Sat at the Cocktail Bar

High on a Chair behind a

Head - & the Music Drum

I could not look at the Face in Front because

Just the Behind was Totally Bum! -

My Jiggling, Giggling

State, encouraged by

the Rum -

Good God I had no

Legs - & my Laughter

had Run - outside the

door & into the

Street, beyond the

Walls & the Cocktail Seat.

''Lets go there again'' I

said - ''Not yet'' he said,

I'' know why you Bleat

like a Black Lamb

on Heat''

He Poked me like a Dolly with my Knickers on,

''Its not me is it? -

Its the Bum on the Seat!''


So we had a Lockdown

& I didn't see him

for a Moon &

after but

When it came to Viewing

my Pictures of the Day &

the Laughter, what was there

Left on the Camera?


The Absolute of Ultimatum......

Bum of Bums the Arse Verbatim,

Squelched Softly with Undulatum -

The Builders Bum of Absulatum !

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