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Dancers' Breath

She Swept her Skirt in a Circle -

Around and Pink

The Swurve in her Arm

& Glint in the Shadow

of Glittering Eyes.

The Air Breathed with her &

I began to Remember

Sensuality of a Mirrored Studio, a Smell of Sweat

& Ballerinas Breath,

Seeing it Again in the Performer

Like a Ride to Another District

Where I can Remember

Myself - Being,

more Directly & I felt my Torso

Reactivated - My Heart

began to Beat Again &

the Fresh Air of the Dancer

Migrating to a place that

had Slogged away so much

that it had nearly Forgotten

how it was allowed to Live?

That it was from Here

For a Reason

& a Sense of Breathing again,

had Arrived.

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