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By Fire Light


He was like the moon - the fresh light of a new moon shining down on a youthful man - so beautiful, like diamonds shone underneath his skin and he was haloe'd by love.


By the side where you kissed me - i caught your shadow and turned it into tears.

On the neck where you bit my passion - i caught your shadow that needed to cry...Just sitting here and talking to you, i plucked the memory of your love and made water.X


Like some sort of drama he encompasses me as his darkness - becomes lighter and i weave my fantasies around him –


             I fitted into the picture of him…


In one glance he patterned the whole of my soul and we began to swim.

Then everybody began to join in...

And like a delicious slumber and the lyrical waxing of a honeycomb - we were taken to the land of a fairy tale.

And my soul swore to die for love as it jumped off a rock into a pool of red blood,

White feathers strangled, ripped apart,

Fled - stepped onto the wind and lay down my heart.


I wish i could go on all night with you - your darkness - as dark as midnight like a depth of water that plunges a heart deep into space - throbbing like that earthly part of you i want to hold and swallow as you pulsate before me - i swell up in front of you like a fruit that you've never seen before - so tiny yet so ripe - my breasts like huge water melons responding to the heat of your sun and as you gaze upon your own created nakedness i am smothered by your explosion - with all my hands reach out to collect - to give colour and substance and hand it back to you again to make you whole - like a living spirit shining - and open as the sun.

Hanging from the ceiling in my best dress -

My head drooping, clicked another time before i fell to the floor.

Skirts around me - i bleeding at his feet,

He held out his hands and dragged me up to a hearts beat -

And i lost myself in his kiss

And my vision lept to an abyss...

Of space and time and stars and colour and more

tomorrows than there have ever been in the world before,

Then i stopped pensive and attentive and saw -

The whole of myself as i've never seen before

Like a painting stuck, now in time, like something that you'd never think yourself to draw,

Silent and strangely wanting so much more -

Blue running rivers - blood turned raw...

I slid back down to the floor!

The mystery of your lips sent my heart racing to the doors of a desert plain - and when i next thought of you In my dreams you appeared to me as..

I cannot say,

Only that i heard your voice and saw your soul in the Silence of the rain -

I gently touched you quietly and underneath the Waters felt your pain

to delicately transform the racines of your country into drops of transparent blood -

That penetrated my own and left my heart to moan -

Persponed my suicide and ran away to the mountains where i hoped you'd come!

But 'you' - caught in the black shadows of one nights parting - stayed hidden away and

'I' stopped listening to the sounds of the mighty drum.

I feel like i have sex and we don't touch - something feels so powerfully passionate it acccumulates itself into love and when he comes close to me like the other electric current - he smells - i like - sexy - he feels warm, his eyes have a darkness and the dark hair on his skin - his eyes - honesty - i feel very alive when i think of him - he smokes - i could be his cigarette - i feel the music of his country smokes my soul - he smells without a smell - his skin brown and smoked, warm and vibrant each time i dare to catch a glimpse of his lips - i remember that i would like to kiss him passionately and hold onto him -

Wrap myself around him as a candle to a flame.

I'd like to go to the sea with you and sit there just watching the waves and listen to the sounds of the water crashing against the rocks and then you take me -amongst the salt - and the waves - and the crashing.

Crazed and monotonous - ongoing and neverending, your eyes and mine blending together,

As the green and blue torrets of water - gushing in and out, in and out of an empty vessel,

Released as white-foam on a sandy beech.

Rebecca _0022
Rebecca 621
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