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God cried woof

God Cried Woof - Sebastian Rex Dance Group.

Choreographed by Sebastian Rex to Beethovens Symphony No.3 in E flat, op.55 ''Eroica''

November 09. - A contemporary piece, intense and stimulating in which I helped to create the part of Angel/Demon.

(For a person who does not particularly warm to Beethoven, I became  transformed by the experience and am grateful to have discovered the most wonderful drama of his music.)

Silent Muse.


Well there was just silence from her

when she moved

soft and pliant -

umbilical - like a child

an intelligence,  but i see

somewhere for me

an invisible provocation also - from


to arouse

a something else,

because i saw -

& saw a little bit more

than i was meant to!

Soft and pliant, like

a child.

A generosity of spirit and a


the silent sleep of the wild

arms of a watery mother

not yet ready but already

there enough to see the future.

The beautiful, silent, watery muse

soft, pliant as a child, born swiftly

into the cauldron of the wild

winged Cosmos,

I stirred the cauldron of the Cosmos,

and found the child

living in volcano fire

light and silent -

She stirred space and saw the stars

buried in the wide arms of the black mother

whom 'Nobody' knows.

and whose calm embraces never tire.









(Written whilst in the midst of working on God Cried Woof and inspired by watching one of the dancers who moved with a very lovely soft and quiet attention.

(Related to a P.l.Travers chapter from- What The Bee Knows)


Photos by Tina Engstrom -

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