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In a Teardrop not Long enough to Last.


Blue is the Colour of Love,


Flight of a narrow Ledge to a Libertine



On a Mountain rest - near the Crest of a

Cloud upon a blue mist & a

Sun-kissed close of generic Incubye.


Blue breath of Steam upon a Salted Wave,

Indigo night saved -

By a Dusty Moonlight upon a Midnight

Birth - and Daylights Grave.

Serene my Sea now - Smooth and Full

of Planets and the Colour of Love.

Blue Sky Above

Woven into the Cover of Time,

by a Single Colour that meets the other in a


Virginain Blue Mountain

Beyond the Flowing Water, a fine Spirit-line

A White and Misted Steam Express, a Picture

of Earth & Sky, Sea & the Day that Dies.

- The Heart thats blood turns

Blue in a Cry

& the Blessed Blue Water in a Kiss from

a Lover

with Origins that Can

Make Water from Man.

Mountain Blue that Stabs the

Heart of a Sky

& Breaks the Heart

that's ready to Die.

Gateway of the


All in a Teardrop, not long enough

to last.

A Knotted Blue River

Woven into the Scent of a Life Sigh.

(Inspired by a Kiss & a Lover - 'Blue is the Colour of Love' - 2nd Line down was an Art Exhibition by Joshua Wiskey 2001)

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