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Indian Shirt.

The Story of Old - left me Panting,

that one that had been told -

A Million times before - left my Lips

& a Heart wanting the Time,

when I had, had one Lover,

Who kept my Heart in a Box.

Day after Day -

He locked it away

and gave it back to Me at Night,

in Rapturous Delight.

Ripened and Full,

My body angled like an Exotic Garden.

Ten Thousand Disciplines in one World of

a Man.

He'd take me to India, Africa and Japan -

Riding on Camels, Elephants and Horses,

Away - Far Away as the Waterfall


And Over

Over Rocks to a Space

A Space of Soul

And Windows,

Where one led to Another

- a Door, a Ladder

And a big Bang!

So I asked one Day

What's behind the Door?

And is there Anymore?

and so we Sat - Just Staring

He Glancing on the Sparkles on my Indian


And Me so Far away now - a Mind Expansion

Black Moleculised Dirt,

A Space Vacuum that Hurt!

What followed -

A Thousand one Nights disappeared Time-long,

And a whole Restaurant now Buried and Gone!

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