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It's just the wind on the Water

''It's just the wind on the

water'' - she said as

they looked through

the glass onto the devastation of the dark weather

beneath -

''we are safe behind the

glass whilst it ravages

the view'' - the kiss - & the embrace

the stillness in the air


meeting his eyes in one

moment - a quiet sound

up & down, up & down, up & down

in the lift not

knowing our floor the most wonderful game around,

the lift has never had

so much exercise as when we travelled meeting

new people as it breezed past floors

we lept through the doors & past the stares

& all the laws!

''Why don't we come here

in the break'' - she said

''the Cinema floor''

where two sets of lovers only

in the bare landscape sat, talking & embracing each

other with their glances...................

Forgot, mislaid &

came away slowly from

the dancers, walking through the avenues of

people making dynamic patterns of life with their undergound thoughts

to a silent corner,

''an intimate space in the World'' he told me, where

''the only spy was ourselves & we could see everything by not looking

& yet we only had ourselves to see.''

Too much conversation &

you cannot remember what you last saw or where you want to be?

We ran away as early as the lights chose to sweep from the stage onto us,

to see what we had to say? - but it was not so much in fact we had aready gone our own way.

Into the darkness where our coats were

laid, all tucked up in a box like a Christmas present -

the warmth of our left behind skins

closed around our bodies again

on the journey home in the rain.

A following of a man running in all directions

because he went the

wrong way,

the avoidance of the tramps with the shopping trolley

& wondering if they will make it to the next day -

The walking around & around the bank

to find Circe only to find

the link was broken

& then the descent on the escalator to discover we must part

in the opposite direction, just as

our bodies had spoken.









































Image - Terry J Johnson

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