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Just a Day.

Wind Swept, I came in from the Wild

for him -

Hair Curled - Tusselled before

& now a mess around Me

the Halo of a Sin -

from the Rushing of the Passion

that Matched the Wind

My Song would begin in the Etiquette

Play & Something about a

Blue Ray? - Something I had

already Seen - only Yesterday.

I was a Whore &

torn Apart

In a condition where I

Stumbled around and Found

Solace in his rendition.

The Sun came out as we

watched the People Passing by &

I caught him -

his Eye,

there we stayed

for an hour

or so...that time disappeared

& I was locked into him, like a dough

& Moonsuckle Putty in his arms

He left me to go & see a Client & this Undid Me,

I stared from a Window.

Along the Shops

Seeing Colours & Materials, I wondered

where had they come from?

Where did they belong?

Those places where Peoples Voices

know only the Desert,

Huge and Beautiful, Frightening - Luminous

An Undoing of Me.

In the Arms of the Life of 'I' and 'He'

in the Vastness of Thought

Throught the Valleys of Time

& upon the Wings of the ones who see.

We walked towards the Swans -

beautiful - all White, with lovely long

necks and into the Night.

My Hands made their Shapes as

they began to stray further into

the Water -

They clipped their Heads for me -

and as the Children stopped feeding

them - they Swam away.

He was calling someone and it was not Me,

he looked at me Several times & I stripped

myself down for him but he did not See.

I Stared into Space -

A Lake of Green Moss

the Distance between us

was full of Desolation - of Love,

& of Loss.

With one breath of my Life,

I realised it had perhaps been a Wife?

There are so many Hearts now on my Sleeve,

That it is Painted Red &

Wondering through his House

its there I found my Bed.

When the Rain came through -

Through his front Room,

So then Shone a Moon....

And it was Me I realised

Who had to use My Head.

(For Julian)

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