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Mermaids Feet.

1) I Stared so long - Into his Eyes

I became Lost in Him

& the Amorous Design

of my Slavery

Undid the Bones of Me

& Sheltered him in My Softness.

My Heart hurts when the Water

gets too close to it

So I close down my

'Eyes'...and Escape into the Space

that is already Lit for it.

As the Blossom breaks into Summer Sky

The Whispering of the Winds

Unveils the Trance from me

& the Story begins -

A race, a Smile, his arm for awhile

The Lips, my Chase

the style of my legs folded under the Table -

His beautiful Face

The way his Lips Part

when he Lifts a Hand,

A Finger

All under his Soleful Command

creates a nod to Engender a movemental

Mirror -

2) The Synchronisation of our

Moments of Terror

Before the Kiss

& the Lustful Revenge from

The Cobra of the Abyss.

That Lustful Demon of the Deep

Who asks Life from

The Painting of Water by  the

Waterfall of the Fallen Sheep.

Food and Fruit from the Reaping

of the Ribbon of Sex -

From the line of no Beginning &


Of the Pattern of Rising and falling

& the Black Panthers


- & in the Shouting

His Clothes fall on my Back

like Great Golden Leaves

I am Consumed by his Lack

Under-Cover -

His Spy - His Only 'I'

3) like a Mermaid in his Material

I Wade through the Footsteps of someone

'Elses' Life

& Find Myself

A Married Mans Wife -

Escape to a Black Cave of

the Secret Domain of Love

Within the Beating Rocks of my

Heart - where the Water Beats

Apart - My Resistance

& Relents Softly as a Beaten Down

Wave to Foam

Under his Insistance.

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