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Olympics 2012

Having the chance to take part both in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies was a great honour, hard work and one of the most exciting experiences I've ever had.


Being close to the audience and stage in Danny Boyles' transformation scene was transcendental - it was fever pitch by the time we went on, soaring the heights, thrilling and dynamic as the drumbeats of the Earth, smelling the sweat and toil of the people & of the rooted tree that was there throughout the whole performance and upon which we stood at the end to wave our hands and make hearts.


Our rehearsals for the Closing ceremony were much fewer as there were much fewer of us - still 200 or so but this was in a sense to come home for me and a chance to dance with the passion, zest, and vigour within a form that i already knew and loved.

I threw myself into this project with an energy that I never knew I had, from the moment i first heard the sacrificial gut wrenching lacrimosa of our entrance, to the racing and passionately urgent rhythmical fire of the rest of the piece and yet again, being out there with that huge freedom of audience all around you was liberating and i was breathing the purest oxygen of another Planet.


Our Mass Movement Group Choreography for Thanks Tim - 70ties group - Opening Ceremony was choreographed by Gina Martinez

with much general help from many cast co-ordinators.


Our Ballet 'Spirit of the Flame' was choreographed by Alistair Marriot with the centre piece by Christopher Wheeldon.

Our rehearsal artists were Jonathan Howells and Cindy Jourdain.


Please find a few pictures (some of mine & some general) beneath - Thank you

Face in mohican
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