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A Portrait.

It's just one of those times when i just want to walk forever - just keep on walking into oblivion because i feel distraught inside and i ache for him.....

Let's talk about the weather shall we - i think about you most when it's dark and windy and wet - i feel your passion and i want to match it- perhaps if i was permitted to meet it, it would not seem or feel like rape because the colours that investigate me, describe what i see of you in my vision.

Let's see what a Double Decker bus can do shall we!!! - I've never seen the bus move the way it did tonight, at least 70 mph down a hill weaving past the cars and around the traffic lights in the darkness and the rain whilst i was madly passionately thinking about you - with the rain pouring down - i am water! and the wind gushing in through the windows on the top deck - alone you are a note - a single wish and a breath in the darkness.


That sort of milky, dewy light of a moon-birth - sitting where the spotlight is catching the white and milky blendings and the blues of a painting - complimenting, another light on the right hand side with a rippling blue lightshade, when my head is wrenched back and the music is playing out its monotony - when all i can think about left in my own silence is you and all i want to think about is you drenched in your own inexhaustable light. I seem dark and my eyelashes blinking - and a certain kind of ecstatic joy in this freedom, put my dress on whilst sitting in the cafe and a policeman walks in!

Found a lovely park with rockery and streams and then walking saw huge great wings and a flash of gold...Amazingly a bird of a prey hiding on this hill, either a golden eagle or a honey buzzard or something - i don't know! (but looked it up in my bird book when i got had a huge wingspan and all alone.)

Beautiful creature with a golden breast, shy, majestic, leaving me kindly with it's powerful impression of flight - how lucky to have seen it...And all the rest!!!

Photos by Gary Nicholls - contact info on credits and links page

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