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Portraits and Mirrors



Affirmation of self - having danced much, lost yourself in the movement suddenly you are faced with yourself in front of the mirror, this can be a relief sometimes, to know that you really are there!

Seeing many of you when there are more than two mirrors and then the image goes on forever and this leads you to think on and contemplate your own or an impression of immortality, or it certainly helps to wake one up to the fact that this is possible  or that there may be two of you, perhaps you do have a second self.

The other day glimpsing a profile of myself in the mirror woke me up to a deeper sense of innocence in myself, I beheld this as a sudden gift and a ‘glimpse of truth’ when looking into the mirror and facing myself i then saw another usual emotional, intemperate self, too knowledgeable in that moment, almost older than my years but then i really had looked so young the moment before  - incredible.?

As a Dancer;

I have made it a quest of my own - a personal quest to fight against this image of myself in the mirror, in order to be more aware, grounded and sincere with my movements, in the moment to work with the sensation of myself in the movement, rather than continuously checking the image and aesthetic effect in a mirror - consciously working towards an inward collaboration of myself between physical movement, emotion and vibration, which of course awakens ones mind to that personal quest and responsibility.

Image of Tree.

Being able to see the beautiful images of nature, in the park the other day, an autumn tree in full colour - mirroring itself in the water, i had to stop for it, because i felt the tree to be trapped  in some strange way- enchanting us, 'Narcissus' - in love with itself, it’s reflection in the water almost sorrowful, i also began to feel sorrowful with the realisation that the tree knew nothing else but to be trapped in that moment and reflect - although something had obviously caused me to stop,was it that intense vibration of colour?

- or perhaps an even deeper wish of Mother Nature, to want be free and seen in her highest and most colourful glory.


Finally - the mirror seems to be alot more important now, having had to work much by myself, although most valued and treasured also the inner work , introspect, challenging and grounding that is accomplished without it!

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