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The Drinking Woman.

This time it was

the Woman who Sat

down with the Glass -

At Lunchtime

Opposite the Hospital.

She did not know she

was close to the

most Expensive Vintage Shop

in Britain as she stared

& lifted her Glass,

A line of Taxis coated

the Hospitals Yellow Line.

With Sparkling Birds on

the Shoulders of Plastic Shop Models -

£1,000 or more Vintage Dresses,

Hairslides, Necklaces,& Broaches,

She didn't know, as she stared out the


The Lady who Sipped her Stuff.

Do you want a Nurse with a Sunny Personality?

- She doesn't Know

Do you know that the Woman in the Bed

there is Dying?

- She doesn't Know.

would you descend to the depths of the

Moon,  if you knew you could find a

Cure for the one you Loved?

Do you think the nurse with the Sunny Personality would ever do that to find

a Cure?

.....Suddenly - She knows!

& the Spangled Green Tortoise

decked with Jewels on the Vintage

table, doesn't seem so Slow


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