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The Eruption.

The Eruption....

I did Blow - That at least

I know.

The Trees Shook... & the Ground

Rumbled Underneath Me -

I See - The Face on Mars

Blast out from Inner


It had been a Long, Long

Wait & now

In front of a Vessel of real Grief.

I was Mortified on

My Explosion,

The Effect of an Atomic Device

& the Erosion of Land around -

It seemed to Crack & Open

Up - With the Sound

I saw the Shaking of a

Vast Energy Part from Me -

A Castration of Anatomy,

Of Self.

There was Deathly Silence

My Deepest Gratitude

for Being in The Forest.

Although I felt Sorry for the Trees

But there is no better place to be than in the Open Air -

If you're going to Loose your Hair

Like That!


Dressed in Black -

The Mammoth Scream,

- Horrific Roar

so even the Sky Heard

My Own Most Terrifying Law  -


The Ground Separated

The Birds Screeched

& the Rabbits bored Holes deeper into the Ground -

To Hide from Me!

The Witch who Stood as The Warrior had before Her -

With Wings of an Angel

& an Iron Spear -

Like a Raging Creature

of Demonic War.

She held her Ground

& Tore through the Space

like a Whirlwind to Stand Solid

as the Energy that wanted to Rape her

& Screamed through it

Rocked the Ground

She Sacked the Heavens

with her Almighty Sound.


Sometimes we take on too much & we don't really know, its very difficult when  another is really suffering & you're trying to keep a lid on everything to help but when they are suddenly sparked by something beyond & begin to Lash out when you're due for an Eruption it can be a bit beyond your Control especially when you're already 'In the Wild'

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