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There is Water in the Ceiling.

I think I need to Sleep in Someone

Elses' Bed -

Its not Summer now -

& the Water just drips down

onto my Head!

The drifter of Warm Soft, Sunny

Days is now a Dream

I really need to be somewhere

else entirely instead. -

I Love the Thunderstorms

of Autumn that Crack open the

dry cement routes that guard the

House - but if you lie with my

Feeling & view the hole in the Ceiling -

there is far too much to

Imagine than to just Stay.

I have to leave the Bed

where it is & the drip, drop

& the Peeling,

flaking bits of Plaster, Alabaster

Staircase of Beetles.

How you can Imagine now?

there is Water in the Ceiling -

My Dreams ripple with Colours

folding into each other

like an Impressionists View -

where they can Stew...

But the Water it will Continue

for me - in my dream or

currently running into another

hue -

of Daylight or Sunset

that bleeds in from the Curtain.

Drown - my blinded eyes closed

to the world Outside -

But filled with Water & no Salt?

The Water of no feeling!

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