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Two Poems

Spherical Scent.


Drafts of Light from

Alto Spheres

Spun through Leaves


as his Lips - I remembered

became the Shape of

my Body.

Back against Dead and Mossy

Trunk -

as a Woman

& Sunken

from each side of me

Risen out of Leafy Shore

came the Smell

of Rain on Elements Green & Sodden

Wept the Floor

of Oxygen.

Soul of Blossoms.

Soul of Blossoms -

After Spring I died & fell off a Tree,

where I lay Silently

in the Ground until the Hot Sun began

to burn Me -

Throughout the Summer I Burnt


in Bright Warmth -

& then when Autumn came -

I became the Colour I wanted to be,

because I was now a Memory -

the Colour of Me was Darker, Deeper

of Soul now.

I was Given a Colour by the Soul of

the Earth & the Earth remembered

Me in its Pattern -


because Someone had taken a Picture

of Me when I was at my most


So I Counted!

My number was enough to be Involved in

the Picture of Three Dimensional Blossoms

& as a Year had passed I was kept,

I had my Own Imprint & I was now a

Shade of Wisdom in the Darkened

Cell of the Photographers' Mind.

(From Terrys' Pictures)

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