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Voices of Plants.

The Garden became a sort of miracle for most of us during Lockdown, I  have a tiny piece of Yard where there are some Plants & it was truly Magical to watch it come alive in such a difficult time.

''When she doesn't Water the Garden,

its just Precious Dew,

That's What I Say Anyway.............

& its True!''

''I can't Believe you can Hear us'' They Me.

''But now The Worlds gone Silent its


We can even Hear 'You' in the Garden...

a Whispering your Own Thoughts &

Feelings, now we are in Bud & Energy''


''You have no idea what you have in Store

for you because you Forget what you

Planted'' said the Tree.


'''But we will stand & be Counted once all

our Heads pop out,


Like Children of the Sea''

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